Milos STB Triangular Truss
(.5m / 1m / 3m)

TSG OV 40cm Square Truss (black)
(3m / 4m)

TSG XO Square Truss
(.15m / .25m / .4m / .5m / .75m / 1m / 2m / 3m / 4m)

TSG XO Square Truss 12m Circle
TSG XO Square Truss 10m Circle
TSG XO Square Truss 6m Circle
TSG XO Ladder Truss 4m Circle
TSG XO Square Truss 3m Circle
TSG XO 3m Scaff Circle

Various Lengths of Aluminium Scaff Tube

Trussing Accessories

TSG XO Square Truss Base Plate
(.35msq / .5msq / 1msq)

TSG XO Truss Universal 6way Corner
TSG XO Truss Moving Light Header Plate
TSG XO Truss Swivel Coupler Plate
TSG XO Truss Pulley Block
TSG XO Truss Perspex Table (leg mounted)
TSG XO Truss Universal Corner Screw Jack


Arri Magic Arm Kit
Arri Floor Base
Generic Floor Base
Arri Push-up Stand
Manfrotto Wind-up Stand

Hoist Control

CM Lodestar Pickle
Outboard 6way Motor Controller
Outboard 12way Motor Controller
Outboard 24way Motor Controller Rack
Kinesys Smart8 Programmable Motor Controller


CM 250kg Prostar
CM 500kg Lodestar
CM 1000kg Lodestar
Verlinder SM5 500kg
(Double Braked with Kinesys Encoder)

Additional Items

O'Rings / Masterlinks
Unistrut to Eyebolt
Unitstrut to Hook
Swivel Couplers
Swivel Coupler to Eye Bolt

Reutlinger (2m, 5m, 10m, 20m)

Double Hook Clamp
100mm Hook Clamp
120mm Hook Clamp